5 Best Jig Saws – Read Before You Buy

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you our top picks for the 5 best jig saws for woodworking, based on performance, features, and value for money. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we have options for everyone. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you know that choosing the right jigsaw is crucial for the success of your projects.

A jigsaw is a type of power tool used for cutting curves, intricate shapes, and decorative patterns in various materials including wood, metal, plastic, and composites. Jigsaws are typically handheld tools and are often used for rough cutting and fine detail work.

DEWALT 20V Jig Saw (DCS334B)DEWALT 20V Jig Saw DCS334BCordless $128.98 (-46%)Get it today
Black & Decker Jig saw BDEJS600CBlack & Decker Jig saw BDEJS600CCorded$49.00Get it today
Milwaukee M18 JIG SAWMilwaukee M18 JIG SAWCordless $142.99 (-28%)Get it today
BOSCH Corded Barrel-Grip Jig SawBOSCH Barrel Grip Jig Saw JS470EBCorded$119.00 (-34%)Get it today
Makita Cordless Jig Saw XVJ03ZMakita 18V Jig Saw XVJ03ZCordless$114.95 (-60%)Get it today

DEWALT Jig Saw 20V MAX XR (DCS334B) – Best Jig Saws this year

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw, one of the best jig saws, features an efficient motor for powerful performance and extreme runtime. Precisely control blade speed up to 3200 PM with the variable speed trigger and dial for professional results no matter what you’re cutting. For position orbital action lets you adjust for optimal cutting of various materials.

It has a bright LED light that illuminates dim work surfaces and makes it easy to follow cut lines. The newly enhanced keyless blade clamp, featuring an all-metal lever action, is specifically engineered to facilitate swift and effortless blade replacements for t-shank jigsaw blades. Also keyless, the shoe angle is easy to adjust with detents at zero degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, and a positive stop at 45 degrees.


A detachable shoe cover safeguards materials against scratches, while an integrated dust blower clears away dust and debris from your line of sight while cutting. This convenient cordless jigsaw from DeWalt, one of the best jig saws, is lightweight and powered by a long-lasting 20-volt battery. It helps homeowners carve precise cuts into wood and other materials while delivering powerful results. The jigsaw prioritizes control with its variable speed dial that adjusts the cutting speed to match material requirements.

Moreover, the jigsaw incorporates a practical LED light that effectively brightens work surfaces even in dimly lit environments. With its robust 20-volt motor, it delivers an impressive power output, making it one of the best jig saws for tackling demanding projects with ease. One of our favorite features of this model is its large 4.0 battery, which provides a longer running time than smaller 1.5 or 2.0 versions. Additionally, the dust blower offers a notable advantage, enhancing accuracy and facilitating the creation of precise cuts. This makes it one of the best jig saws available in the market.

Black & Decker Jig saw (BDEJS600C)

The Black and Decker BDEJS 600c jigsaw is one of the best jig saws available in the market. With its high-performance 5 amp motor and three-quarter inch blade orbital action, it offers precision cutting for various materials like wood, metal, and plastic. The curve control technology with four curb settings provides maximum control for rounded cuts. The adjustable shoe allows beveled cuts up to 45 degrees, while the variable speed motor generates up to 3,000 strokes per minute.

This versatile jigsaw also features a wire guard design for clear visibility and accurate cuts. The tool-free blade change feature allows for quick swapping between U and T-shank blades, making it convenient to use. The built-in dust blower helps keep your work area clean, ensuring a neat and efficient cutting experience.

Black & Decker Jig saw (BDEJS600C)

For a broad range of precise cutting applications, the Black and Decker BDEJS 600c is undoubtedly one of the best jig saws out there. It is perfect for both professional and DIY use, offering reliability and performance. Additionally, it comes with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind.

The Black and Decker BDEJS 600c is a top-notch jigsaw and one of the best jig saws you can find. Its impressive features, reliability, and versatility make it a perfect choice for all your cutting needs.

  • Highly efficient Electric Jig Saw – Equipped with a 5 amp motor and a 3⁄4” blade orbital action to ensure precise cuts.
  • Advanced Curve Control Technology – Offers four curve settings for optimal control over rounded cuts.
  • Beveled Cuts Capability – Enables beveled cuts up to 45 degrees for added versatility.
  • Exceptional Power – Variable-speed motor generates cutting power of up to 3,000 SPM (Strokes Per Minute).
  • Adjustable Shoe – Equipped with an adjustable shoe and wire guard to enhance stability and improve line of sight.


Milwaukee D handle jigsaw, the M18 Fuel brushless cordless D handle jigsaw, combines power, blade speed, and precision to provide the highest quality cuts in a wide variety of materials. It leverages the Power State brushless motor and Red Link Plus intelligence to provide higher blade speed than corded jigsaws, at 3,500 strokes per minute, for clean, controlled cuts with minimal chipping or bucking.

Leveraging the M18 Red Lithium XC 5.0 All Battery, the saw provides up to 105 lineal feet of cutting in laminated particle board, delivering all-day productivity with fewer trips to the charger. It features tool-less blade change, tool-free bevel adjustment, a LED light, and an on/off blower to keep the cut line visible while cutting.


We’ve been using the Milwaukee M18 Fuel D-Handled Jigsaw for a few months now. It’s equipped with a brushless motor, increasing strokes per minute and lifespan. The built-in dust collection keeps your workspace cleaner. The LED light provides excellent visibility, even in dimly lit areas.

Thanks to the brushless motor and electronic enhancements, this saw operates at a whopping 3,500 strokes per minute. It cuts through 105 lineal feet of 3/4 inch laminate particle board effortlessly. During testing, the saw registered around 101 decibels, relatively quiet for its power. The variable speed trigger allows control from 0 to 3500 SPM.

Accuracy and blade deflection are impressive. The saw glided smoothly through a 45-degree bevel cut on 3/4 plywood. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel D-Handled Jigsaw is a reliable and powerful tool for any workshop or job site.

The Milwaukee saw performed well, making straight 45-degree bevel cuts in various materials. It demonstrated power, though it exhibited more vibration than the new Dewalt XR jigsaw. The tool features a keyless blade change and a 1-inch stroke length. The integrated LED light effectively illuminates the blade area. Improvements could include addressing tool vibration and adding a variable speed dial. Overall, the m18 fuel D handle saw is one of the best jig saws tools available.

BOSCH JS470EB Corded Barrel-Grip Jig Saw

The Bosch 7.0 amp jigsaw, the Bosch JS470EB Barrel grip jigsaw, is one of the best jig saws on the market. It provides unsurpassed cut precision with a 7.0 amp motor and variable speed control. It has an ergonomic body with an upfront soft grip handle for comfort and user control. Manufactured with an aluminum gearbox, it features a low-vibration plunger design and constant response circuitry for consistent speed under load.

The JS 470 EBS multi-directional blade clamp delivers superior grip to t-shank blades, making it one of the best jig saws. The adjustable dust blower keeps the cutting line clear, further enhancing its performance as one of the best jig saws. It offers four orbital action settings with different blade strokes for smooth and aggressive cuts, making it a top choice among the best jig saws. The Bosch JS 470eb Barrel grip jigsaw also has a large die-cast aluminum footplate with a Nomar plastic overshoe.

BOSCH JS470EB Corded Barrel-Grip Jig Saw

The multi-directional blade clamp provides a superior grip on t-shank blades, solidifying its place among the best jig saws. Additionally, it features an ambidextrous lock-on button, a large sturdy die-cast foot with a steel insert, and an onboard bevel wrench. Finally, it includes a dust blower for maximum cut-line visibility, making it one of the best jig saws available in the market.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Equipped with an upfront grip area, this tool offers maximum control, precision, and comfort.
  • CONVENIENCE AT ITS BEST: Featuring a tool-less blade change system and fast blade insertion, it eliminates the need to touch a hot saw blade. Plus, the blade ejection lever makes it even more convenient.
  • VERSATILE 4-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: With 4 orbital action tool settings, this jigsaw provides different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts, making it perfect for tackling even the toughest cutting tasks.
  • UNPARALLELED CONTROL: The variable speed dial allows you to set the maximum speed, while the accelerator trigger gives you full control over the operating speed.
  • SUPERIOR STABILITY: Designed with a large, sturdy die-cast foot with a steel insert and an on-board bevel wrench, it ensures a secure grip. The multidirectional blade clamp guarantees excellent hold of T-shank blades.
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: Thanks to its internal precision machined plunging system and low vibration design, this jigsaw enhances accuracy and delivers smooth operation for a variety of jobs.
  • COMPLETE SET: This kit includes the jig saw, a non-marring overshoe, an anti-splinter insert, a jig saw blade, a bevel wrench, and a handy carrying case.

Makita Cordless Jig Saw XVJ03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion

Makita XVJ03Z 18V cordless jigsaw is one of the best jig saws designed for precision and comfort. It delivers efficient cutting with its Makita built variable speed motor, capable of producing up to 2,600 strokes per minute. With three orbital settings and straight cutting capability, it is versatile for a wide range of materials. The tool’s blade change lever allows for easy blade installation and removal, increasing productivity. The large two-finger variable speed trigger provides added convenience, while the heavy gauge precision machine base ensures smooth cutting and durability.

This jigsaw is equipped with star protection computer controls, allowing real-time data exchange between the tool and battery. This ensures extended battery life and improved tool performance. It is compatible with Makita 18-volt LXT and compact lithium-ion batteries with the star symbol indicating star protection technology. The Makita XVJ03Z 18V cordless jigsaw is undoubtedly one of the best jig saws available in the market today.

Makita Cordless Jig Saw XVJ03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion
  • Makita’s 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw (model XVJ03Z, tool only) combines precision, power, and lightweight design.
  • Features include precise jig saw cutting performance, reduced vibration and noise for improved control and comfort.
  • As part of Makita’s extensive 18V Lithium-Ion series, they offer the most extensive range of cordless tools in the world.
  • Fastest charge times in their categories for increased productivity.
  • Star Protection Computer Controls for enhanced tool performance and extended battery life.
  • This saw is compatible with Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries that feature the star symbol, which indicates Star Protection.

Factors to Consider

Power and Speed

Avoid the common belief that the highest power and speed mean the best jig saws. The key is a balanced tool with enough power and variable speed controls that suit the materials you will be cutting.

Blade Types

Select the correct blade type for your project. From fine teeth for metal to large teeth for fast cuts in wood, the appropriate blade ensures precision and quality.

Safety Features

Safety should be paramount when choosing a jigsaw. Look for features such as splinter guards, safety switches, or lock-on buttons.

Weight and Comfort

The jigsaw’s weight and ergonomic design impact your fatigue levels and accuracy over longer periods. Choose one that feels balanced and fits comfortably in your hands.

Common Misconceptions and Mistakes

  • Jigsaws aren’t just about raw power; consider the control and the nature of your work for the best outcomes.
  • Using the wrong blade can result in poor finishes and damaged blades or materials. Always match the blade to the task.
  • Never compromise on safety for the sake of price or assumed convenience.
  • Disregarding the tool’s ergonomics leads to quicker fatigue and less precise work.

What is a jigsaw and what can I use it for?

A jigsaw is a versatile power tool used to cut curved and straight lines in a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic. It is an essential tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers for tasks such as cutting shapes, making holes for sinks in countertops, or creating custom pieces.

How do I choose the right jigsaw for my needs?

When selecting a jigsaw, consider the type of projects you plan to undertake. Look for a jigsaw with adjustable speed settings for different materials, a comfortable grip, and easy blade change mechanisms. Also assess the power, battery life for cordless models, and the availability of different blade types suitable for cutting various materials.

Can I change the blades on a jigsaw?

Yes, most modern jigsaws are designed with blade changing systems that don’t require additional tools. Ensure that you unplug the jigsaw or remove the battery before changing the blade. Consult your user manual for specific instructions.

What safety precautions should I take when using a jigsaw?

Safety is paramount when using any power tool. Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris. Use ear protection if you will be working for an extended period or with particularly loud materials. Keep fingers and other body parts away from the moving blade, and make sure the material you are cutting is securely clamped down.

How do I maintain my jigsaw?

To maintain your jigsaw, ensure that it is cleaned after each use to remove dust and debris. Store the tool in a dry place, and check blades for wear and tear regularly. If your jigsaw has brushes, check and replace them as necessary to ensure the motor runs efficiently.

Can I use a jigsaw to cut metal?

Yes, with the proper blade, a jigsaw can cut through metal. Make sure to use a metal cutting blade and set the jigsaw to a lower speed setting to prevent overheating the blade.

Do I need a special blade to cut wood with a jigsaw?

There are various types of blades available for cutting wood, depending on the precision and type of cut desired. Look for blades designed specifically for wood, which are typically made with more teeth for smoother cuts.

Are cordless jigsaws as powerful as corded ones?

Advances in battery technology have made cordless jigsaws much more comparable in power to their corded counterparts. The key advantage of a cordless jigsaw is the portability and convenience, although they rely on battery life and may be less suited for prolonged heavy-duty work.

Final Word

Choosing the correct jigsaw tool involves more than just picking up the first tool you see on the shelf. It requires an understanding of the types of jigsaw tools, their applications, and maintenance. It is vital to weigh factors such as power, blade type, and comfort against the needs of your projects. Clarifying common misconceptions about speed and power can lead to a better-informed decision that ensures safety and a worthy investment in your craft. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to select a jigsaw tool that will help bring your creative visions to life accurately and safely.

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