Incra miter 1000hd – Honest Review

Miter gauge refers to the device that you can use to hold work pieces at a preset angle while you make a cut on band saw, tables saw or any stationary disk sander. Lacking such tool can make your woodworking project vexatious and unproductive. To give you some energy, Incra miter 1000hd has arrived in the market so that you can get the best benefits from the job.

We think we should know the reason behind this. And we can know it by studying reviews, what say?

Features of Incra miter 1000hd


The first impression which you might get after having the incra miter 1000hd is that it looks beefy. You will certainly think of it as a solid product which is able to last long but you can’t deny the fact as well that the miter gauge will be bulky and heavy. Not just that, you will also feel it difficult to store because of its awkward shape. But, that is not a big deal.

It is constructed with steel to make it the most refined model of the brand. You already know what HD stands for, so it is likely to offer amazing performance.

Moreover, the gauge features a protractor plate having Angle lock indexing system. You will find a mammoth 180-angle stops at 1-degree increments in the system while the special stops are situated at 22.5-degree.

To add more, you will also find adjustable miter bar which is very smooth, Vernier scale which is made up of steel and reads to 1/10-degree, and miter grooves that seem to have rough finish.


Like the brand says, this miter gauge is a winner which helps in enriching the quality and productivity of any project you take in hand. All you will need to do is: combine the HD protector with the miter bar, Vernier scale and telescoping lock cut-off fence with flip shop stop. And let it work like a charm.

Moreover, this device also lets you set precisely and duplicate any angle quickly that you’ll need. If you want to work with 7-sided objects, you can go with 25.7-degree angle, and if you want to cut 10 sides, then you can choose 18-degree angle.

The miter gauge has six extension disks. Just by adjusting the sides of the bar, the disks allow for low-friction travel plus zero side-to side play on several table saws with standard miter gauge channel.

Although, the performance is very impressive  but it is not that much straight-forward to adjust the non-whole angles. So, this can play as an inconvenience for you. Talking about the adjustment range of miter bar, it can accommodate slot widths ranging from 0.740 inches to 0.765 inches.


  • Helps hold work piece at a set angle.
  • Made up of steel, hence beefy and durable.
  • Adjustable miter bar is smooth.
  • Enables you to set any angle precisely and duplicate it quickly.
  • Enhance the quality and productivity of any project.
  • Six extension disks allows zero side to side play and low friction on table saw.
  • Lock miter bar expansion disks offer an ideal fit.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Finish on the miter grooves is rough.
  • Feel big and bulky.
  • Difficult to store for its awkward shape.
  • Not straight-forward to adjust the non-whole angles.
INCRA Miter1000

INCRA Miter1000

Number of Teeth‎41
Item Weight‎8.3 Pounds
Compatible Material‎Stainless Steel
Number of Pieces‎1
Part Number‎MITER1000
Item Weight‎8.26 pounds
Product Dimensions‎18.25 x 18.25 x 4.5 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the miter bar fit square-sided miter slots?

A: Yes, the adjustable miter bar or incra miter 1000hd will fit all the square-sided miter slots that measure 3/4 inch wide, 3/8 inch deep, and (with or without) a 15/16 inch T-slot on the bottom.

Q: Is it possible to attach a sacrificial fence?

A: Yes, you can attach a sacrificial fence. The brand provides instructions as well as screws so you can attach it.

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