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7 Best Miter Saw Blades in this year


In carpentry and woodworking, dealing with an unsuitable blade can be one of the most frustrating experiences. I guess you have also been tired of it or are looking for a precise and efficient cutting blade for your miter saw. Well, then you have the absolute right to deal with the best miter saw blades.

A miter saw blade is such a power tool that not only has an accurate and clean cut but is also known as versatile and safe. But sometimes it becomes challenging to pick the right one as there are a variety of saw blades. Wood, plastic, or metal whatever your purpose is, I will present the best-suited one specifically ensuring essential characteristics. Along with that, I won’t disappoint you without letting you know the considering factors while buying.

Factors to Look for While Buying Miter Saw Blades

You surely know how important the tool is in your cutting game. Good buy or goodbye; the terms totally depend on the type of saw blade you choose. So, picking the right one will be the primary success before starting your construction or woodworking project.

Alright, then let’s move on to those facts that are must to search for at the time of purchase. And make your job easier to find the perfect and specific tool. 

Blade Type Determination

Several types of blades exist in the market with their own purpose. Among them choosing your type will be the first move towards finding the best miter saw blade for hardwood and metal.

Usually, there are five common types of cuts in different models. Let me clear which one stays for what.

  • Crosscut Blade: For smooth and clean finish. It works pretty well for wood.
  • Rip Blade: For faster cutting.
  • Combination Blade: It’s made by combining rip and crosscut. And for various purposes, it is mainly designed.
  • Metal-Cutting Blade: Coated design and perfect for metal cutting.
  • Trim Blade: Usually designed for clean and precious trim works.

So, first, decide which type will be suited to you among them.

Desire Blade Size

Matching the blade size to your saw is another important point to keep in the head during buying. Small to very large, all sizes of blades are built by the manufacturers. You may ask me why. Basically, it depends on your workpiece. If it is big then a larger blade will be required and if it is small then obviously there needs to be a smaller one.

Now the question arises “Which sizes are ideal?” 10-12 inches is widely found in most miter saw blades.

Ensuring Quality Material

In the cutting business, several facts depend on the material of the blade. How durable and precise service the tool will give can largely be determined through the material. In the saw blade, HSS and TCT are the two most common components. Let’s find out their nature.

High-Speed Steel (HSS): Has less edge retention and is budget-friendly. In most cases, it requires frequent sharpening. Well fitted for softer wood, plastic, fiberglass, and so on.

Tungsten Carbide tipped (TCT): Have more edge retention but are quite expensive. Pleasingly it maintains the sharpness for a long time. And it has a reputation for metal cutting.

Essential Tooth Count

The tooth count indicates how fast and smooth the blade will be. The term is expressed as TPI which means tooth per inch. Miter blades generally come with 40-100 TPI. So, how do higher and lower TPI affect the performance of blades? The answer is given below.

Higher TPI: Provides finer cuts but lower in speed. It acts perfectly for thin metal and hardwood. 

Lower TPI: It deals with higher cutting speed and rough cuts. And, works pretty well when the workpieces are softwood and thick metal.

So, according to your needs, make a decision on the TPI selection.

Kerf Width According to Need

Paying attention to kerf width is another crucial step in finding the perfect miter saw blade. Wider and narrower both kerfs have their own significance in the cutting game. Observing their nature you should take a position of one.

Wider Kerf: It’s durable and can handle rough material, but requires more power.

Narrower Kerf: On the other hand, a narrower one is ideal for thin materials and is known as a power saver. Also, works to decrease the waste of materials. 

Searching for Anti-kickback and Anti-Vibration

Though most people ignore those features, in my opinion, safety should be one’s priority list.

The anti-kickback feature is basically designed to lower the risk of accidents. While anti-vibration works as a noise reducer and stability enhancer.

So, include those on the list. And if you find such ones on your desired model then definitely it’s a bonus as well as secure for you.

7 Best Miter Saw Blades

You will find plenty of blades in the market for miter saws. Isn’t it okay to go just seeing the writing of miter on the package? Not always. There are some essential characteristics that need to be confirmed there. Also, the user experience matters a lot. And combination of those facts my top 7 picks can’t go against the cutting job. So, let’s be introduced to those blades.

ProductNameTooth countPriceAction
DEWALT 12 -Inch Miter Saw Blade80$52.11 (-31%)GET IT TODAY
Makita 10-Inch Miter saw Blade 80$37.15 (-35%)GET IT TODAY
IRWIN 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade180$19.59GET IT TODAY
Diablo by Freud Saw Blade60$34.95GET IT TODAY
Luckyway 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade60$26.99GET IT TODAY
WEN Miter Saw Blade80$17.45GET IT TODAY
IRWIN 10-inch Metal-Cutting Saw Blade80$72.05GET IT TODAY

DEWALT 12 -Inch Miter Saw Blade

DEWALT 12 -Inch Miter Saw Blade

Material Type: Tungsten Carbide

Dimensions (L´W): 12″ ´ 12″

Teeth Count: 80

Compatibility: Engineered Wood

No of Pieces: 2

Product Weight: 2.6 pounds

The DEWALT DW3128P5 is a versatile and quality pick for those carpenters and woodworkers who expect precise results. It won’t disappoint you with long-lasting sharpening and sturdy service as it is made of tungsten carbide. Along with that, the material works to prevent breakage and vibration. The 12-inch size ensures precision cutting for mitering, trimming, or ripping. If I talk about its compatibility then it will show friendly behavior with different types of saw.

To give you a versatile feel, the blade comes with two different teeth (80 and 32). 80 teeth stands for clean and smooth crosscut whereas 32 for larger pieces with efficient ripping. Moreover, the thin kerf is also ready here to ensure quick and smooth cutting. But it may show limitations if you want to deal with metal. However, one can easily be impressed with this blade because of its kickback and heat-preventing features.

So, from those great qualities, you can easily handle any tough job site with an accurate and clean cut. Pleasingly besides a miter, you can suit this one with a radial, table, or track saw too. Yeah, there is one last thing which is its cute bag for easy transport.


  • Extended sharpened and long-lasting construction
  • Two blades with different teeth provide versatile performance
  • Thin kerf for cutting fast
  • 12 in. blade combo ensures accurate, clean, and efficient service
  • Compatible with various saw
  • Has anti-kickback and heat-reducing capacity


  • Shows limitations for certain metals

Makita 10-Inch 80 Tooth Miter saw Blade

Material Type: Carbide

Dimensions (L´W): 10″ ´ 10″         

Teeth Count: 80

Compatibility: Hardwood, Plywood, Wood

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 1.8 pounds

In the matter of precision cutting in woodworking, Makita A-93681 is the name of the perfect contributor. The unique micro-polished carbide construction succeeds fully in retaining the sharpness and making the blade durable. This is manufactured with 10 in. The ATAF teeth design takes its promise for precision work. 80T which indicated speciality in smooth and polished finish. The teeth can hone at nearly 600 grit. Overall the construction and design suit several woodworking projects properly.

Back to its efficiency, they have thin kerf. And its job is to cut smoothly with less drag. Don’t think about accuracy as there are steel saw plates. Because of its minimal noise, you can enjoy your wood cutting in a calm environment. Though it also has an anti-friction coating, some users experience a bit of a heating issue. So, you have to consider a little in this regard. However, the price will definitely say you are “good to go”


  • Micro-polished carbide ensures a sharp and durable experience
  • Offers a clear and smooth finish
  • Great efficiency with less drag having thin kerf
  • Precision cutting experience for various materials
  • Stay quiet and have an anti-friction coating.


  • Have a negligible heating fact

IRWIN 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade

Material Type: Blend

Dimensions (L´W): 10″ ´ 10″         

Teeth Count: 180

Compatibility: E. Wood, Plastic, Alloy Steel

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 1.3 pounds

For those who are searching for a cheap but quality all-rounder blade, the IRWIN 10-inch Miter Saw Blade is like gold. With its sturdy blend component and 180 teeth like a shark. And the interesting point is its versatile uses. That means you can utilize that blade whether it is wood, plastic, or steel piece. 

Moreover, a fully-hardened blade plate plays longer and more accurately. The perfect 10-inch length and 5/8″ arbor work hard for accurate and cleaner cuts. Along with those, 0.09” kerf adds faster and versatility qualities there. Overall the design and measurements fit fine with different saws. The hardened plate will bring longer and finer cutting results.

But one thing that makes me annoyed is its vibration noise. Also, sometimes it creates dust at high speed. That’s not a matter whenever you look at the price section. Yes, it’s truly a great deal for the price.


  • Long-lasting blend component
  • 180T for clean and easier cuts
  • Arbor and kerf measurements are ideal for a precise result
  • Compatible with wood, plastic, and steel materials
  • Good deal for the cost


  • A little bit of an annoying vibration

Diablo by Freud D1060X Fine Finish Saw Blade

Material Type: Carbide

Dimensions (L´W): 10″ ´ 10″         

Teeth Count: 60

Compatibility: E. Wood, Plastic, Metal, Alloy Steel

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 0.15 pounds

Another reliable saw blade by the reputed brand Freud which comes with a unique built-quality. The sturdy carbide material with Tico Hi-Density improves the output in several applications. It also determines to provide balanced performance on both finishing and speed using its 60 teeth. Doesn’t matter if it is plastic, metal, or wood, this one surprises you by cutting like butter.

In the kerf sector, it is 0.98 inches which is considered super thin. And surely that indicates fast, clean, and dreamy cuts. From this construction, you can tell it is well-fitted, has long-lasting sharpness, and an accurate job as it does so.

Hold on..there are more satisfying features. Its special coating (perma-shield non-stick) will keep the blade free from heating and corrosion issues. Again, to stay focused and relax, it won’t create much vibration and sound.

This model fit well with the table saw too. So, at a decent price, a safe, quiet, smooth, and precious blade for a variety of saws you will get from Diablo D1060X.


-Strong build quality offers durable and clean-cutting job

– 60T works great in smooth and efficient cuts

– Ultra-thin kerf deals with a fast and fine finish

– Quality coating to reduce corrosion and heat

– Behaves well with different saws and for various applications


– Negligible blade wobbling

Luckyway 2-Pack 10-Inch Miter Saw Blades

Material Type: Carbide

Dimensions (L´W): 10″ ´ 10″         

Teeth Count: 60

Compatibility: Alloy Steel

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 3.13 pounds

Luckyway 2-pack is another 10-inch wood-cutting saw blade in a budget value range. This silver color tool comes with tungsten carbide material which is pretty well explained previously. Besides that, the ATB-designed 60T contributes to accurate and true cutting. The blade offers a high degree of performance on fine finish. Also, it is able to resist bending. The unique construction of teeth also works on impact resisting. The 10-inch diameter stays suitable with a variety of miter saws.

The kerf and arbor measurements are also in the desired range for giving smooth, accurate, and proper finish cuts. Don’t have a headache about the heating issue as it has the capability to resist heat. Vibration and noise decreasing, another important advantage is added to there. Unlike others here, you will notice less splinting of the wood surface.

Of course, the application isn’t limited, you can utilize it in several types of wood, plastic, and steel-cutting projects. For that you need not to spend more.


– Comes with tungsten carbide component

– ATB teeth design ensures a smooth and clear result 

– Able to resist bending and heat

– Versatile design and application

– Has noise-reducing character

– Available at an impressive price 


– Not durable against some specific materials

WEN BL1080 Carbide-Tipped Miter Saw Blade for Woodworking

Material Type: Carbide

Dimensions (L´W): 10″ ´ 10″         

Teeth Count: 80

Compatibility: Wood

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 1.56 pounds

WEN BL 1080 is introduced in the market as a budget-friendly miter saw blade for professional woodworking. As expected there is carbide material for offering durable blade life. Its well-made 80T helps a lot for an accurate finish quickly. Also, stand strongly against any tear.

On the other part, the 10-inch diameter and 5/8-inch arbor presents perfect results whether it is hard or softwood. You can properly use it as a miter saw blade for trim work too. And RPM rating, this shows nearly 6000.

Need more smooth and efficient cuts? Well, the super thin kerf (1/10 inch) will do the job properly. The good thing is its compatibility as miter, table, and job site saw well with that. 

And yeah, there is a downgrade which is the missing anti-vibration feature. No problem, you can silently accept it remembering the thin price.


– 10-inch diameter fits with a variety of saw

– Decent and strong component

– Offers up to 6000 RPM

– A lot of teeth make fine finish wood cutting

– Efficient cuts having suitable kerf

– Tempting in price


– No vibration reducer

IRWIN 10-inch Metal-Cutting Saw Blade

Material Type: Blend

Dimensions (L´W): 8″ ´ 13″           

Teeth Count: 80

Compatibility: Alloy steel

No of Pieces: 1

Product Weight: 35.4 pounds

In case of seeking a premium metal cutting miter saw blade, IRWIN can stick you here. The blend material won’t compromise to provide accurate and smoother cutting along with a longer blade life. Its 80 carbide made teeth strong enough against wear. And ensures a super clear cut. 

The dimensions are quite different compared to others, but not unable to deliver precise output in terms of metal pieces. The blade avoids grinding and works on cutting metal. Adding laser-cut and anti-vibration facilities brings cool and calm cuts. Also, you can touch the finished one as it stays cool. Making cutting costs lower is one of its unique nature compared to other blades. Though the blade weight is a bit heavier than others, that won’t affect much.

Most all the high-quality features you will get there for an accurate and smoother process. And of course, to have that in your hand you need to be ready to spend a lot of money.


– Strong and long-life blade construction 

– Wear and impact-capable 80T

– Serves accurate and clean metal cutting 

– Laser-cut nature gives a cooler and smoother experience 

– Have vibration-reducing vents


– Not budget-friendly

Common FAQs on Best Miter Saw Blades

Miter saw blades vs circular saw blades: are they the same?

No, though they are similar in different aspects there are some fields that make them distinctive. Like, a miter saw blade exists between 10 to 12” in size whereas a circular one comes with various. Again, MSB has a higher tooth count than CSB. And the most important part is application. Miter blades are suitable for wood and plastic, whereas circular blades are for construction and farming purposes.

How often and when should I replace my miter saw blade?

The replacement matter can be confirmed by observing some symptoms of the blade. Like

  • In case of missing and worn teeth, it clearly indicates replacement.
  • A slower cut, less precise, or putting in more effort can be another sign.
  • Again, frequent sharpening will indirectly tell you that the blade reached its end.

By checking such things primarily you can decide whether it needs replacement or not.

Are there safety measurements when operating miter saw blades?

Definitely, there are a lot of precautions in cutting jobs. Doesn’t matter if the caution is small or big, you have to maintain your duty. Some of those are-

  • Put on protective equipment
  • Keep your hands clear of the blade
  • Wait until the blade stop 
  • It’s good to avoid free-hand cutting
  • Be aware of the kickback
  • And overall follow the manufacturer’s guide

Is it okay to use any miter saw blade for any material?

Technically no. All blades aren’t designed for the same purpose. You have to look for a blade that is specific to wood or that is specific to metal. Though nowadays the combination is designed for versatile purposes, it’s not effective at such a level.

Can I sharpen my miter saw blades? And what’s the process?

Yes, you can sharpen the miter saw blade by yourself. But you need to have essential tools as well as experiences. There are some safety precautions that one needs to obey strictly. Otherwise, an expert should call in this regard. Now it depends on how you can deal with it. Anyway, let me give a basic talk on it.

Tools needed for the sharpening process: Carbide and triangular file, C-clamps, bench vise, cleaning brush, safety equipment, etc.

Process: Wearing safety gear> Blade take off> Blade cleaning > Inspection and sharpening the teeth> File choosing> Testing.

ProductNameTooth countPriceAction
DEWALT 12 -Inch Miter Saw Blade80$52.11 (-31%)GET IT TODAY
Makita 10-Inch Miter saw Blade 80$37.15 (-35%)GET IT TODAY
IRWIN 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade180$19.59GET IT TODAY
Diablo by Freud Saw Blade60$34.95GET IT TODAY
Luckyway 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade60$26.99GET IT TODAY
WEN Miter Saw Blade80$17.45GET IT TODAY
IRWIN 10-inch Metal-Cutting Saw Blade80$72.05GET IT TODAY


Identifying the best-suited blade for your saw is crucial and determines the cut result that you have already known from the writing. And I hope now you also well understand how to pick the right miter saw blade. Well, let me make it easier once more. For quality woodworking, DEWALT will be best in every aspect, where IRWIN 10-inch Metal-Cutting will be the ideal choice for metal cutting, and IRWIN will be an all-rounder option. And yeah, if your first priority is budget then no other options will be as perfect as WEN BL1080. So, get your matching one and spend a relaxing moment during the cutting game.

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