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DEWALT 20V Jig Saw MAX XR (DCS334B) – is it better than DCS331B?


The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw MAX XR, is renowned as one of the finest jig saws available. It boasts a high-performing motor that delivers impressive power and exceptional runtime. With the variable speed trigger and dial, you can easily control the blade speed up to 3200 PM, ensuring professional-grade results regardless of the material you’re cutting. Moreover, its position orbital action allows for precise adjustments, enabling optimal cutting performance across various materials.

The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw has absolutely blown me away! Its performance is absolutely exceptional, offering precision and power in one compact package. No matter if I’m cutting intricate curves or straight lines, this tool consistently delivers impeccable results. Plus, the cordless design gives me unmatched flexibility, and the battery life is seriously impressive.

It’s super user-friendly too, with blade changes that are a total breeze. And let’s talk about durability – this thing can handle tough jobs without breaking a sweat. Dewalt really knocked it out of the park with The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw. It’s become my go-to tool in the workshop, and I know it’ll be a game-changer for anyone who values top-tier performance and reliability. 👍

The key features of DEWALT 20V Jig Saw MAX XR

  • Robust and high-performing tool
  • Equipped with a brushless motor for powerful performance and extreme runtime
  • Precise control of blade speed up to 3,200 spm
  • Variable speed trigger and dial for professional results
  • 4-position orbital action for optimal cutting of different materials
  • Powerful LED light for effectively illuminating dim work surfaces.
  • All-metal, lever-action keyless blade clamp for quick and straightforward blade changes
  • Keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45° for precise settings
  • Removable shoe cover to shield materials from scratches
  • The inclusion of an integrated dust blower ensures a clear line of sight, enhancing visibility for improved performance.

The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw MAX XR , with its impressive blade speed of 3,200, is undeniably a reliable tool that gets the job done. However, it does come with a slight drawback that is worth consideration.

Impressive Power :

Let’s begin with the positive aspects. The performance of The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw is truly outstanding. The 3,200 blade speed allows for effortless precision when cutting through various materials. Whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic, The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw handles them all with ease.

Versatile and Accurate:

I was particularly impressed by the level of accuracy and control provided by The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw. It allows for intricate cuts and curves, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of projects. The adjustable speed settings further enhance its versatility, ensuring suitability for various tasks.

Sturdy Build:

The tool’s durability is evident in its construction, giving The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw the ability to withstand the demands of a busy workshop. However, this is where a minor drawback comes into play.


The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw is slightly on the heavier side. While the weight contributes to its sturdiness, it can become somewhat fatiguing during extended use, especially for overhead tasks. It’s worth noting that this may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but it’s something to consider, particularly if you prioritize lightweight tools.

Compare and key factors between DEWALT 20V Jig Saw DCS334B and DeWalt DCS331B

  • The DeWalt DCS331B and DeWalt DCS334B jigsaws are both lightweight, with the former weighing around four and a half pounds.
  • The DeWalt DCS334B, being slightly smaller due to the brushless factor and a few different features, performs similarly.
  • However, the brushless option in the DeWalt DCS334B is faster and more powerful.
  • Both models offer a balanced feel and are not cumbersome like the previous corded DeWalt jigsaw.
  • Battery-powered jigsaws like the DeWalt DCS331B eliminate limitations when maneuvering around corners and making orbital cuts.
  • The DeWalt DCS331 is a great saw with a brushed motor that still offers impressive speed.
  • The transition from straight cuts to orbital cuts is smooth and easy to use.
  • One major difference between the DeWalt DCS331 and the DeWalt DCS334B is the bevel-cut setup.
  • The DeWalt DCS331B has no indicator for the zero position, while the DeWalt DCS334B has a small indication when you slide the protector over.
  • The DeWalt DCS334B allows for zero positioning by pulling from the front and clicking into spots, but there is some play between the 45 and 30 angles.
  • The play between angles can be adjusted, but the plate needs to be removed for the 45 angle to work properly.
  • Motor: The DeWalt DCS331B has a brush-driven motor, while the DeWalt DCS334 features brushless technology.
  • LED Circuit: The DeWalt DCS334B is equipped with an LED circuit, providing improved visibility.
  • Variable Speed: The DeWalt DCS334B offers variable speed control, allowing for more precise cutting.
  • Foot Locks: The foot locks on the DeWalt DCS334B have been redesigned for better functionality and compactness.
  • Shoe Guard: The front shoe guard and blade release assembly have been updated in the DeWalt DCS334B model.
  • Dust Blow Variance: The DeWalt DCS331B has a variance for the dust blow, while the DeWalt DCS334B has a fixed speed.
  • Strokes per Minute: The DeWalt DCS334B provides 200 more strokes per minute compared to the DeWalt DCS331B.
  • Weight and Size: The DeWalt DCS334B is lighter and more compact, weighing 4.6 pounds and featuring a narrower design.

Overall, the DeWalt DCS334B showcases several improvements over the DeWalt DCS331B, including brushless motor technology, variable speed control, an enhanced LED circuit, and a more compact and lightweight design.

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Final word

The DEWALT 20V Jig Saw MAX XR is a powerful and versatile tool that meets the demands of most cutting tasks. Its only minor drawback is its weight, which may be a consideration for those who require a lighter tool for prolonged use. However, if you prioritize performance and durability, this jig saw is an excellent choice for your workshop or job site.

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