Freud’s table saw blades dado honest review

When it comes to outstanding quality, design and performance for a dado blade, one of the names that we can think of is Freud. Just check around and you will discover many pros who are using a Freud’s table saw blades dado .

Since it has made a lot of hobbyists and experts awestruck, we thought that it deserves some reviews so you can also get enlightened about it.

But one thing is certain that this dado blade has been built with class and quality to cut through everything.

Freud’s table saw blades dado Features


Having made up of Freud Tico Hi carbide, this blades dado has the ability to show its optimum quality and durability. The material is strong and meant to last long. Not just that, it features 32 teeth and happens to come in 10-inch. Plus, you can sharpen the blade as much as you want without sacrificing its efficiency and sharpness.

However, the blade comes with chippers. And you might find them unlabeled which can confuse you while picking the appropriate configuration of the chippers. This can be a big con of the blade.

That said, you will love to try different types of cut widths with or without shim and this smarty gives an equal performance.


Before talking about the performance, let us tell you that you will hate setting it up since it’s going to be very cumbersome. Once you manage to set up, you are good to go.

So, this blade is able to make a very precise and clean cuts without any resistance. You will find the sides straight and smooth after the cut. Coming in 10-inch, the stacked blade will come with splinter-free flat bottom. Moreover, it will also cut almost everything starting from plywood and hardwood to non-ferrous materials.

The brand also boasts it to be the very first set that comes with a 3/32-inch thick chipper. Not just that, it also has the flexibility of an adjustable dado so it can handle any undersized plywood.

In addition, it also enables the cut width to be adjusted into 1/32-inch increments while doubling the available number of slot widths.

You will also get a shim set with the product so that you can make required adjustments.

Freud’s table saw blades dado

Process to use:

The blade set can cut the materials quickly and easily and all credit goes to its strong and sharp teeth. You will just need to place the machine on the material and push it without putting extra effort to get clean and smooth cuts.


The set will come with two outer blades, shim set, 6 chippers, DVD that has Tips and Tricks of using dado and lastly a storage case.

Speaking of the packaging, many users were disappointed with the box and its interior red plastic liner. The box albeit looks thick and solid but it turns out to be quite thing and flimsy. The plastic liner also feels crinkly plastic and thin. So, we can say that the brand should have used heavy plastic for storage since the material lasts longer.


  • Well-built and durable.
  • Blade is insanely sharp.
  • Made up with high quality Tico Hi carbide material.
  • Can be sharpened multiple times.
  • Allows for different types of cut widths.
  • Cuts the sides smooth and straight.
  • Can be used on all radial arm and table saws.
  • Can be used for cutting slots, grooves, rabbets, dadoes, rabbets in different types of woods.
  • Cuts are clean and precise.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Setting it up is very cumbersome.
  • The material used in the storage case is thin and flimsy.
  • The plastic liner has used low quality material.
  • The unlabeled chippers can be confusing.
table saw blades dado

Freud’s table saw blades dado

Product Dimensions10″L x 10″W
Number of Teeth32
Style10-inch Super Dado
Compatible MaterialEngineered Wood
Number of Pieces3

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can you cut with a table saw blades dado ?

A: Here are some of the options which you can cut with a dado blade:

  • Dado joint: This is a joint that is shaped like a channel, runs perpendicular to the wood grain and constructed with 3 sides
  • Rabbet: This is a two sided joint that is cut out at the end or open to the edge of a work piece.
  • Tenon: It is a projecting piece of wood that is cut out for insertion into a mortise on another wooded piece.
  • Groove: It is a trench or slot cut into a member that runs parallel to the grain.
  • Finger: It is a cut made on the brink of wood for combining it with another wood piece. However, although the cut is made on 2 different wood pieces, but they are glued together.

Q: How would you sharpen the blade?

A: You can take it to a local sharpening service. Look for tool supply stores or woodworking stores for the servicing. Since the dado is comparatively expensive, it has to be sharpened rarely and with care. Besides, it is also important that you keep the blade clean. For that, you need a soapy water so that you can remove the gum up and clean the blade to last long.

Q: Is it worth buying?

A: Although it is a little pricier than many of the dado blades but there are two aspects that can push you to go for it.

  • Firstly, it comprises two saw blades essentially. And since the brand has used high quality material, you won’t find it cheap.
  • Secondly, it offers precision. You will need a sturdy, flat cutter to cut the dadoes repeatedly and predictably with an accuracy of at least 0.012-inch. Also, you will need one that will fit ideally onto the arbor so that there’s no vibration and flop. And this set makes a great choice.

Wrap up

Since it has been revealed already that this SD510 Freud 10 inch has been designed to satiate all the people by offering superior quality, design and performance, there is no chance to not love it. Not only it is easy to use but also versatile enough to make your job flexible. And since its positive sides have succeeded to outstrip its negative sides, you can take the blade into consideration. 

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