Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade Honest Review

There is one brand that has always boasted to make the world’s only thin-kerf band saw blades, and that brand is known as Timber Wolf. For this, we have thought to review one of their models that is Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade. Well, this statement is pretty enough to draw your attention since you will be expecting something different from the blades. We have tried to highlight every edge and corner of the features to let you know about the blade.

Features of Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade


Having made up of an ideal combination of high silicon and low carbide steel, this 105-inch band saw blade has been designed for re-sawing hard and solid woods. Although, it feels a bit long on the honing but the blade is wonderful overall.

This is basically a thin-kerf blade which has a thickness of 0.025 inch to give a better cut especially with underpowered saws. So, it’s easy to guess that the blade will be about 25% narrower than many of its rivals. However, it also comes with the gullet having a round design.

Besides, the blade features a tooth pattern of 3-tooth/inch and 2-tooth/inch. The teeth are milled so that it can offer a keener cutting edge at a range of sets, angles and hook designs.


The best part of the blades is that it cuts with much less tension if you compare to standard saw blades. So, you can say that the blade has a lot of perks to offer.

You will love the power of its performance if your saw does not work much hard. Besides, there will be lesser wear and tear on the saw. Plus, you can make tighter turns without damaging the blade.

Moreover, the brand boast it to have over 60% of the speed capacities of a hook blade so that it can deliver an amazing finish. 

When it comes to the gullet, the round pattern will help reduce work hardening zones.

However, one of the drawbacks that has been found regarding the blade is its dullness. The blade might require sharpening after a couple of re-sawing since it becomes dull easily. Although the blade does not get damaged which is a great factor.


The blade comes all the way alone in the package. It is packaged in plain white box and there is no instructions included. Another con to mention is that it sometimes becomes difficult to understand if the blade is of Timber Wolf brand since the packaging does not have company name. There are many users who have also griped that they got the blade in a plastic bag with no protection over sharp points. And for this, the sharp points became dull when they got it at hand.


  • High quality material.
  • Great for re-sawing.
  • Able to run cooler and longer.
  • Able to run under low tension.
  • Thin kerf blade offers better cut with underpowered saws.


  • Does not come with safety instructions.
  • Does not come with protection over sharp points.
  • The blade becomes dull frequently.
  • A little long on the honing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does this blade compare to 0.5-inch blade when it comes to re-sawing hard woods of 0.66-inch width?

A: The wider blade basically helps control the uniformity of the cut. Although, any blade can make a good cut if extreme care is taken, however, the widest blade is just easy to fit on any machine.

Q: How well the blade can cut?

A: The blade is able to re-saw up to 12-inch in several exotics that include Katalox, bird-eye maple and Indian rosewood. It can give a precise cut when it comes to its performance.

Timber Wolf Band saw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

BrandTimber Wolf
Product Dimensions13.1″L x 13″W
Item Weight9.6 Ounces
Compatible MaterialWood, Metal
Number of Pieces1

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